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Facing Computer And Cyber Security Threats

Who did fall for any cyber security threat? Cyber security crimes are not just limited to hacking, financial, personal and work-related information theft. Viruses, worms, Trojan horse, spyware and malware are among the cyber security threats that can affect our computers and machines and our personal lives as well.

Consumer Reports reported in 2006 that U.S. consumers would spend $7.8 billion in the last two years for computer repairs, parts and replacements because of being attacked by malware and viruses. Everybody is being concerned with cyber attacks, businesses whether they are major or small businesses are expressing concern about the increasing ability of security threats to infiltrate information. Businesses are taking necessary steps to protect their customer’s financial information.

The government can also be exposed to cyber security threats. Allowing public access can also increase the risks of data leaks, infiltration and cyber attacks. Therefore it is necessary to invest and have intensive and long-term solutions that would address cyber attacks.

Government agencies are coming up with methods that could help in addressing cyber attacks. Aside from these programs, as individuals or organizations, there are also ways to help in providing with long-term solutions to quick-developing problems. Here are some steps that the government has taken so far.

• There are different kinds of agencies and institutions dedicated in fighting cyber attacks. InfraGard is actually a partnership between the FBI and different members of the private sector like businesses , academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies and individuals. These 30,000 strong-organization is dedicated in sharing different kinds of information and intelligence to address criminal and violent acts.

• The government and also different organizations are reaching out to more CEOs of different businesses to help them understand cyber threat and what is needed to be done. This would help the government to come up with resources and policies that would help them build long- term prevention plans.

• Aside from local and national partnerships, international partnerships are also being done. Cyber security is not just an issue of one country, it is a global issue. Data and numbers of cyber security victims have encompasses geographical location and race. Cyber security issues can never be resolved by one nation alone. This would require coordination among countries at regional and global levels.

• Analyze and evaluate the loopholes and vulnerabilities. Agencies and institutions who have major cyber security problems, normally have networks and users spread out in different buildings and networks. Avoiding any cyber security problems and threat would be about identifying vulnerabilities and overcoming this.

• When looking for solutions, the you would have to stick to the basics. Technology is a dynamic process, it is a continuous change and improvement. The only way to make sure that your infrastructure and your system is safe is being prepared for it.

Cyber security threats do not stay the same over a period of time. It evolves. It changes and could go around the different security barriers set up to face its attacks.

How many times have we heard that the best cure is prevention? We should be thinking about that. Too much reliance and putting too much of our lives on computers has a risk that we should be able to handle and face. We should be prepared in hading cyber security issues from case to case and in every moment.


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